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Stories of Life & Family Stability

We love to hear stories from our community partners of the differences they’ve made for families by investing in the potential of children through family stability. We always appreciate the opportunity to share those stories to help demonstrate the effect our partners’ housing stability programs have had.

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Danella, Denise, and One Phone Call
Community Advocates, where meeting basic human needs inspires hope. With funding through The Siemer Institute, Danella and her family found housing security in her moment of need.

Treasure Valley

Keeping Families in Their Homes Through Mediation
Jesse Tree prevents homelessness by providing emergency rental assistance and eviction mediation to help Idahoans stay in their homes. After joining the Siemer Institute network in 2022, the organization trained employees to become eviction court mediators in order to support people facing eviction through the court process.


Stabilization and Connection
Jessica and her husband struggled to keep a roof over their heads and their children safe. Through her child’s school, Jessica connected to Family Stability Initiative Program (also known as Kids Home Initiative) and began receiving the support and guidance she needed.


A Community Helping Single Parents
Through SPARC, Curtrena and her sons received supportive services just in time for Christmas.


Offering A Steady Hand
A family receives much-needed support from an organization that truly wants to see them succeed.

St. Louis

Speeding Recovery from Major Life Events
A deserving family are now living in safe, affordable housing with support from the Beyond Housing Resource Center.

Treasure Valley

Meet Tara and Keith
Jesse Tree was able to intervene for a family in crisis, keeping them in their home.

Long Island

Pulling Families Out of Housing Instability
Siemer Institute's partnership with Housing Help helps a family find comfortable housing to welcome their newest family member.


Helping Families Navigate Challenges with Compassion
Through Chicanos Por La Causa and the Siemer Institute, Ms. Shelton found affordable housing in her childrens' home school district.


Fighting Housing Instability at Every Stage
The Mighty Families program and Chicanos Por La Causa was able to assist a family find suitable housing for a family of seven, including household essentials!​

Des Moines

Paving a Path to Success
"My success story is not over; I have only just begun.”

Des Moines

The Power of Positivity
"They were understanding about my situation.”


Helping Achieve Career Goals​
A wife and mother of two is partnered with financial and career coaches, leading to higher education and a better life for her family.


United Way of the Mid-South is Driving The Dream, partnering to help people establish and follow a path out of poverty. With funding from the Siemer Institute, United Way and Knowledge Quest are helping Tonya find her pathway.


United Way of Greater Cincinnati’s Stable Families Program is a multi-generational program that addresses the needs of families on the edge of homelessness. The program ensures that families stay in their homes and children stay in school.

Kansas City

Crystal is a single mother with five children who has contended with the effects of poverty and domestic violence for a long time. She entered the Family Stability Initiative as a referral from the local school district in Independence Missouri (just east of Kansas City).


Rebecca's Story - Recovery, Hope & Stability
When a family is supported in addressing ALL of their needs, amazing changes are possible! Rebecca and her family got the help they needed to overcome addiction, gain steady employment, improve their educational environment, and secure their own home.


Building Strong Families was able to find an affordable apartment for the Davis family while assisting with deposits on an apartment and utilities.

Bay Area

United Way Bay Area creates new opportunities for low-income families through its SparkPoint Initiative. SparkPoint empowers families to gain financial and housing stability. Barbara Siemer, founder of the Siemer Institute visited UWBA and spoke with SparkPoint participants to learn more about this innovative program.


When Deysi first came to SparkPoint OC at Salk Elementary School, she and her 4 children had been homeless for two weeks, staying in motels or on the streets. She wasn’t working, didn’t have transportation and was unsure what she could do to improve her situation.


There are times when Rickcale Peoples feels like she’s dreaming. Her current living situation is very different from her previous one.

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