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A Two-Generation (2GEN) Approach to Housing Stability

The Siemer Institute funds a network of collaborative partners designed to support families at risk of unplanned moves or eviction. These initiatives offer comprehensive services to stabilize families in their homes, prioritizing the well-being of all children, while also addressing the needs of their parents or caregivers.

Our Vision Communities We Serve

The Need

We understand that children facing frequent unplanned moves can encounter difficulties in both academics and social connections. Our programs are customized and locally managed to ensure they are responsive to the immediate needs of the community. Recognizing that a one-size-fits-all approach to preventing homelessness and eviction isn’t universally effective, our partners have the flexibility to identify and implement the most suitable solutions for their specific communities, all while operating within a nationally managed collective impact model.

  • Our Approach

    A Two-Generation (2GEN) Approach to Family Stability:

    The Siemer Institute funds a network of collaborative partners dedicated to supporting families at risk of unplanned moves or eviction and identifying community-appropriate solutions to housing insecurity. Within a nationally coordinated model, our partners prioritize stabilizing families, addressing the needs of both children and parents (or caregivers) simultaneously.

  • Providing Resources for Our Partners

    As the backbone organization, the Siemer Institute conducts research to inform and enhance the work of our partners. We serve as a hub of information, and we create ongoing opportunities for our partners to learn from one another.

    Our Programs

Meeting the Need

Building partnerships across the country, the Siemer Institute collaborates with community-based funding partners by providing challenge grants to implement community-appropriate solutions within the Siemer Institute Family Stability framework. Multi-year grants empower partners to build lasting, effective programs.

Our Vision: Thriving Children, Strengthened Families, and Connected Communities

We strive for lasting change for our families. We want our families to gain the skills and resources they need to gain permanent stability. We encourage our partners to develop programs that extend beyond crisis interventions to empower families on the long road to self-sufficiency.

Siemer Institute provides funding to partners who support programs that create housing stability for families with children in the home who are at risk of homelessness or eviction.

  • 185,000,000
    Over $185M in investments since 2011.
  • 130,745
    Approximately 130,745 families have been served by the Siemer Institute since 2011.
  • 281,607
    Along with our partners, we’ve served approximately 281,607 children since 2011, helping to ensure academic success for children across the nation.

How We Support

  • Challenge Grants

    Match donations to incentivize philanthropic support.

  • Advocacy Grants

    Fund efforts to address systemic issues and drive positive change

  • Expansion Grants
  • Annual Summit

    Provide opportunities to strengthen relationships, further education, and share best practices.

  • Communities of Practice

    Explore strategic planning. Right to Counsel programs, and more in these network forums with 98% participant satisfaction.

  • Annual CEO Meeting

    Hear Barbara Siemer’s thoughts on the future of our combined work.

  • Evidence-Based Learning

    Measure progress of each family and provides insights for programmatic improvements.

A Message from Our President

I’m proud to have spent another year together investing in the potential of children through family stability. 2022 brought a greater sense of normalcy for many and reinforced the importance of our commitment to our mission. The need for greater stability is vast, but our initiative makes a significant impact in the lives of families and their children.

The Siemer Institute creates a future where children thrive, families are strengthened, and communities are connected. Essential to achieving this vision is the work of each partner within the Siemer Institute network.

I am continually inspired by the levels of collaboration, engagement, and openness among our partners toward achieving the same outcomes across the nation. And I am humbled by the bravery and resilience of the families we serve as they overcome hardships and reach their goals through the connection of our providers. Together, we continue to ensure families can maintain stable housing to avoid an unplanned move that disrupts the academic success of their children.

In 2022, we served 16,722 families and 37,507 children, with 71% of families in the programs supported by the Siemer Institute having maintained stable housing. We implemented changes to collect and report data more efficiently, created and distributed a toolkit of resources for partners, and held our national summit in person for the first time since before the pandemic.

We also continued to further our collective impact by welcoming new partners in eight new communities across the nation to the network, as well as awarding expansion and advocacy grants to many of our existing partners.

This work is challenging, but the success stories ignite passionate and collaborative responses to our society’s biggest hurdles. Whether it be a single mom who finds rental assistance after giving birth or a partner that quickly helps to stabilize families, we know that, by working together, we are creating positive, lasting change for those we serve.

Because of our friends and partners, we are able to make a significant impact on those who need us most. Now is the time to continue to strengthen the lives of families and children by investing in family stability.

We truly are better together.

Kim Dorniden

President & National Director
“We truly are better together"

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