Helping Communities Meet Housing Stability Goals

The Siemer Institute promotes two-generation approaches, known as the 2Gen approach, that meet the needs of children and adults simultaneously to foster academic success and break the cycle of poverty. We focus on the entire family and align services that meet their needs to support their success.

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Case Management

Case management lies at the foundation of our initiatives. In our family case management program, families meet one-on-one with a trusted, compassionate professional who can guide them out of crisis and into stability. Case managers work intensely with families for up to 18 months to create a plan for the family to stabilize and thrive.


Our Process

The Siemer Institute begins by establishing housing stability for each family to prevent them from experiencing unplanned moves. After addressing the immediate crisis, our families set goals, acquire financial management skills, and identify opportunities to enhance their income. Most families learn effective budgeting to maximize their resources, while others set aside savings for unexpected circumstances, and some pursue education, such as obtaining a GED or technical training to increase their earnings. Our partners empower families to thrive through a holistic 2Gen approach, which means addressing the needs of parents, caregivers and children. This approach helps families set and achieve meaningful goals with support from dedicated case managers and other staff.

Establishing housing stability for each family!

Barbara Siemer: A Passionate Legacy

Step into the heart of Barbara Siemer’s legacy in just 30 seconds. With each frame, witness resilience, passion, and determination. Get ready to be inspired.

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Helping Families Remain in Their Homes


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