Our Vision

Focusing on Children’s Academic Success, Financial and Housing Stability, and Family Well-Being

For over a decade, the Siemer Institute has been dedicated to assisting families in need across the United States achieving greater housing stability and enhancing their children’s educational prospects. At the heart of our mission is the commitment to a two-generation (2Gen) approach, that addresses the needs of parents or caregivers and children simultaneously, promoting holistic family support. Through our partnership with community organizations, we implement 2Gen programs that are centered on keeping kids in their schools and preventing unplanned moves. This approach ensures that families receive the comprehensive support they need to thrive.

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To invest in the potential of children through family stability.


Thriving children, strengthened families, and connected communities.
  • Stability

    Keeping families in their homes and children in their schools fosters security and promotes prosperity.

  • Opportunity

    Education has a profound impact on the life of children, families, and communities.

  • Compassion

    We operate with a mindset of empathy and inclusion, and we promote equitable access to resources in every community in which we invest.

  • Learning

    Evaluating programs, measuring impact, conducting research, and working as a community of practice is fundamental to our shared impact on families.

  • Collaboration

    Investing in and leading a national network of partners to solve challenges, leverage support, be accountable, and share ideas is how we serve as agents of change.


Our Team

Our leadership team at the Siemer Institute works tirelessly to provide our partners with the information and resources they need to serve communities across 39 states.  Our network includes over 150 service providers and spans across 74 Funded partner sites, in 39 states, connecting with a diverse range of organizations and communities.

Meet the Team

Our History

The Institute was founded in 2011, after eight years of work on the local level in Sarasota, Florida and Columbus, Ohio. Our efforts have evolved over the past 12 years to expand to an ever-growing list of communities served by our partners and local United Way chapters.

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What Our Partners Say

We asked Funded Partners, Funded Partner CEOs and Service Providers to share what support provided by the Siemer Institute they value the most.

Annual Summit- Sessions

“The sessions are high value because there are always new ideas with which all programs can relate and solutions to challenges are just a conversation away.”

Advocacy Grants

“The advocacy grants are incredibly helpful in developing additional funding streams for programming.”


“SureImpact allows us to track the efficiency of the work our staff does with each family enrolled in the Siemer Institute Family Stability Initiative.”

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Interested in learning about the work we do at the Siemer Institute? Explore our programs at the link.

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